Neurology Lab

Neurology Lab

Centre has comprehensive neuro lab for evaluation of various neurological disorders.

• Video EEG : Neurocompact EEG is installed which gives highly synchronised raw EEG with video. Brain map for frequency, voltage and spectrum. Facility to store EEG on CD is available.

• EMG/NCV/EP :Neurostim system with EMG recruitment, Insertional, Spontaneous, MUPA, MNCS, SNCV, Blink reflex, H-reflex, F-waves, RNS, Evoked Potential - VEP, BAER, SSEP, P-300 and SSR tests etc.

About Neurology Lab

There are certain neurological cases that require more than just an MRI or a CT Scan for correct diagnosis. These are cases generally associated with diseases like epilepsy, motor neuron disease etc. At Modern Diagnostic & Research Centre, Gurgaon, we have one of the most comprehensive neurology laboratory manned by a qualified neurologist. The lab has facilities like EEG, EMG, NCV, SAEP, BAER etc for the diagnosis of various neurological problems.

Uses of EEG

EEG is used to help diagnose seizures and their type. It is also used to evaluate:

• Abnormal changes in body chemistry that affect the brain

• Brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease

• Infections

• Head injuries

• EEG is also used to:

• Evaluate problems with sleep

• Investigate periods of unconsciousness

• Monitor the brain during brain surgery

Neurology Lab

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